Details Regarding Our Services

Jordan Park has striven to comply with the orders and guidelines given by the Governor and the state health department throughout the course of the pandemic.  We love the souls of people and remain true to our commitment to God.  We pray for those who are sick with the virus and pray that lives will be spared.  We desire to meet together as we have in the past as soon as possible but until then, to address the health concerns of many, we have provided at least 5 and at times 6 ways to join in worship. 

1. In the main auditorium, most enter and leave wearing masks and sit at least 6 feet apart. 

2. Our balcony area is reserved for those wearing masks throughout the service and maintaining 6 feet of distance through the services. 

3. Room 105 downstairs has been dedicated for those wearing masks throughout the service and with 6 feet apart where we have a video stream of the services.

4. Room 205 (the large upstairs classroom) has an isolated HVAC unit and has been outfited to have the full audio and video feeds from the auditorium.  This room is reserved for mask only attendance.

5. All services are streamed live via the Internet.

6. All auditorium classes and sermons are recorded and available through our webpage.

7. We also use an FM transmitter to broadcast the service to those within range in the parking lot.

The building is cleaned thoroughly twice each week.  Greeters welcome visitors with touchless entry and invite them to sit in pews marked with a gold Post-It note to comply with social distancing guidelines.  The Lord’s Supper is served each first day of the week in a sanitized and purposeful manner.  Servers use masks and disposable gloves.  Hand sanitizers are readily available in the foyer of the building. 

We have a Bible class in the auditorium for adults on Sunday at 9:00am and Wednesday at 7:00pm.  All of our childrens and school age classes have resumed and are following pandemic guidelines for safety.  Both children's and adult classes are engaged in a study of the United Kingdom of Israel during this 4th quarter of 2020.  We also have a class for children age 3 and under who are held by their mother in compliance with social distancing taught by two of our young mothers which is designed to begin the training in spiritual matters and discipline to these beautiful children. 

All are welcome to the services at Jordan Park church of Christ!

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** Some additional JP Bible Classes have been recorded for viewing at home. **
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