Current Bible Classes

Current Bible Classes

4th Quarter 2022 Bible Classes:  October - December

Room 105 - Portraits in Discipleship (Nate Sullivan and Jeff Cason)
Room 106 - A Study of Life, Death and Things to Come (Troy Davenport and Bob Archer)
Room 205 - Building Worship (Dan Harrison and Bill Yell)
Room 207 - The Marriage Relationship (Michael Hubbard and Mike Hubbard)

Room 105 - Ephesians (Ryan Alexander and Herbert Alexander)
Room 106 - The Book of Nehemiah "Rise Up and Build" (
M. Rummell/J. Sweafford/B. Cook)

Room 205 - Rise Up and Build: Evangelism and Works (Daniel Barnes and Billy Bradford)
Room 207 - Reasons to Believe (
Jared Jimison and David Griffin)


School Age and Children's classes are meeting in classrooms, and studying the United Kingdom.